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Resident Information  

Please note that every effort is made to insure that the following information is current and correct.  Occasionally, updated information doesn't make it to the webmaster and is therefore not reflected in the lists below.  Please email me at if you notice any discrepancies.  Our goal is to keep all the website data up to date and correct!  (One caveat:  Some residents have opted out of allowing their names to be placed on the website, so if someone is missing, it may be because he/she has chosen this option.)

Important:  The First Names and When We Arrived reports are derived from the Residents Directory, so any changes to them need to be sent to Sandra at so she can update the directory and email it to the webmaster.

Items marked with a padlock are in the secured area of the website (unavailable to the general public).  You may obtain the logon name and password required to access this area from the front desk or email the webmaster.

Residents directory in "gray book" format

List of residents by first name

When we arrived at Canterbury Woods

Resident photos (you can also view photos in the resident photos album in the Lounge)

New resident announcements (new resident posters)

Our pets

In memoriam

Staff Information

Staff Directory:  Administrative staff email addresses and phone numbers are in the Residents Handbook, which is available on the Need To Know page.

Employee Photos:  You can view employee photos in the staff photos album in the Lounge.

Annual Employees Appreciation Fund

Click here to read the Guidelines for AEA contributions.

Click here to read about the AEA Fund as reported to the Council on March 14, 2016.

Employee Spotlights (sponsored by the Employees Appreciation Fund Committee)

Please note that these write-ups were done over a period of time.  Each is dated at the bottom of the document and the information is current as of that date.

Beth Alcantara
Yahira Baltazar
Eva Cardenas
Maria Castro
Judy Damon
Francisco Diaz
Cecilia Espinoza
Jim Fordham
Estela Garcia Reyes
Luisa Hernandez
Jovita Kraftzeck
Ernesto Lambarte
Josie LaSala
Maria LaSala
Alisse Le (Ha)
Soon Lee
Agripina Munoz
Christian Nienaber
Irma Nuñez
Maria Perez
Fredis Pineda
Keith Sickafoose
Geoven Snaer

Carlos Valdivia
Reynaldo Venancio
Ilka Vucina
Natasha Webb
Kim Youngjin

Lily Yuen
Rosa Zaldivar