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Next Our Shop Opening:  Our Shop will be open Friday, November 16th, 10:30 a.m. - noon.

Optional Services Fees:  Fees for optional services appear below on this page under the heading Schedules of Fees for Optional Services.  There are three schedules, one for each type of contract.  This includes fees for guest stays, parking, transportation, additional maintenance and housekeeping, copying and faxing, replacement costs, technology/communications fees and beauty salon charges.  

You can go to a specific section of this page by selecting from the following list.  Then select the information you want to view by clicking on the appropriate link.

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Residents Handbook

Residents Handbook - information about all aspects of life at Canterbury Woods

What's New

An Opportunity to Help with What's New:  Would you like to volunteer your editing and publication skills in a rewarding way?  Beth Storey is looking for help with the What's New newsletter.

Do you have an editor’s eye?  Do misspellings jump off the page at you?  Do you have an itch to correct faulty grammar and be sure abbreviations are used in a consistent way?  Beth would like to bring someone in to work alongside her to help and ideally become the next Editor of What’s New.   Contact Beth at or Ext. 163.

Current issue
Past issues

Guidelines for submissions to What's New

What's New is published on the 1st and 16th of each month.  Each issue covers events occurring from the issue date through the day before the next issue (for example, the issue on the 1st covers events from the 1st through the 15th).

The deadline for submissions is 4 days before the publication date (for example, the 12th for the issue on the 16th).

Please email your submission to Beth Storey ( with "WHAT'S NEW" in the subject line or leave a copy in her box, H-116.

Formatting:   If possible, please use Times Roman (or Times New Roman) for your text, and don't fancy it up with bold or special formatting.  Beth will format it to fit and harmonize with the rest of the items she receives.  If you'd like something special, just write a note or call Beth, Ext. 163, and she will try to take care of it for you.

Information You Need to Know

Tech help

P.G. Public Library

Drop-in Teen Tech Tuesdays are from 5-7 p.m. at the library.   Also, reserved appointments are available on Teen Tech Thursdays from 5-7 p.m.  (648-5767)

Sally Griffin Center

One-on-one tech coaching is available at the Sally Griffin Center.  Call for details or to schedule and appointment.  (375-4454)

Recycling Information - Recyling rules have changed.  Click here for information about recycling plastic bags.

You can access the information provided by MRWMD at their website.

Paperless options - You can opt to stop receiving paper copies of the weekly activities calendar and/or the What's New newsletter and/or the Resident Directory and/or weekly menus.  All of these documents are kept up-to-date on this website.  You may choose to receive an email message whenever a new copy is posted.  Click here for details.

Schedules of Fees for Optional Services - schedules of charges for miscellaneous services (effective 5/5/15) - Fees vary by contract type.

Lifecare Contract
Continuing Care Contract
Month to Month Contract

Regular print library

Recently acquired books

Library News (10/7/18):  We are storing  three DVD courses from the Great Courses series that were purchased with Resident Council funds and shown in our Monday afternoon lecture series.  These are available for you to watch at home.  The selections are:

Turning Points in Modern History

The Guide to Essential Italy

The American West  

If you are interested in any of these, please call Pat at x297 and make arrangements for borrowing them. On the library desk in a file folder is a list of other Great Courses belonging to individual residents, and you can contact the owner to borrow any of these.    

Especially for new residents and a reminder to the rest of us (9/9/18):

Our library puts out 8 new books at the beginning of each month.  They are placed on the “New Book” shelf.  When you check out a new book we ask that you return it within three weeks so that others may enjoy it too.   

You may place a reserve for any book in our collection.  Fill out the form on the library desk and then place it in the container for the book checkout cards.  You will be notified when your selection is available.  

Check Out Procedures:  If you are using our library for the first time, PLEASE read the instructions easily visible on the New Book Shelf. 

Need an orientation?  Contact the person whose name is on the placard on the library desk.  Each week we have an “on duty” Library Committee member.  Or you can contact Mary Jones (ext.149) or Pat (ext.297), the Library Committee Co-chairs.  

Thank you to River House Books

River House Books, where we purchase the new books for the Regular Print Library, is now offering the Library a 10% discount on our book purchases.  This will be very important to the Library, as book prices continue to rise.  River House Books, located in the Crossroads, Carmel, is an excellent bookstore; they give good service and have a fine collection of books in stock.  Residents are urged to explore River House Books for their personal book needs.

Large print library

Find all the books in the library using the master lists below.  For a list of recently acquired books, see the link below the master lists.

Master list - Mystery
Master list - Fiction
Master list - Non-Fiction

Recently acquired books

Recent recommendations by large print library committee members

Video library

PLEASE NOTE:  As of 10/6/18, the entire DVD collection has been moved from the Canterbury Room to the Large Print Library.  The DVDs are in the two tall cabinets in alphabetical order.  A sign-out and return sheet is on the clipboard on the round table next to the cabinets.   The librarians of the Large Print Library and the Movies and Videos Committee have agreed to make this happen for the purpose of having a much more accessible location for those wishing to check out a DVD.

SPECIAL NOTE:  The Master List in the Video Library is being updated.  A number of films are missing. Please check your shelves to help find these and  get them back in circulation for all to enjoy.  It is VERY Important to check out all films on the sheet provided in the video library in the Large Print Library.

Master Video List

This list may be found next to the Video Library Return Box along with the latest movie addition slips.  The Master List is also available for viewing here.

You can also view recent additions to the video library here.  This list is updated frequently.


Video donations are appreciated (original copyrighted movies) and may be placed in the Video Library Return Box.  Due to limited space, librarians do make the judgment calls as to what materials are accepted for the library.  Let the librarians know if movies not accepted should be returned to the donor.

Questions - Call Isabel Gray on ext. 181 or Grace Beigle on ext. 139.

Great Courses

A number of Great Courses DVDs, owned by residents, are available for loan to other residents.  For more information about these courses, or to negotiate a loan, consult the resident owner personally.  (Please note that this lending program is between residents and is not associated with the Library.)

For details about each DVD series, see   

The list of available courses is available here and in a binder on the Regular Print Library desk.  Questions?  Call Cathy at x109 or email her at

Map of the campus

Distances around our campus - List of distances & maps with mileages for our campus & neighborhood

Transportation information (Note from Norma)

Transportation Services

Our driver is Connie Farias.  Watch for event information on the Activities page and sign up in the transportation binder if you want to go!

Connie reminds all residents to please submit your transportation request as soon as you know about your appointment.  Also when you are filling out the request, please also write in the Dr.’s name, phone number and address.

Read the Canterbury Woods Transportation Policy, updated 7/27/16.

Our Shop

Our Shop is usually open on Wednesdays, 2:30 - 4:00 p.m. and on Fridays, 10:30 a.m. - noon. 

Chapel and services
Chapel news from Father Kevin (with 2016 Holy Week and Easter calendar)
Chapel news from Father Kevin (9/21/15)
Chapel news from Father Kevin (8/29/15)
Letter from Father Kevin (4/16/13)

Pet policy

Housekeeping guidelines
Hall closets
Laundry rooms 
Disaster preparedness (the Great Shakeout is past, but look for good ideas for being prepared in this memo from Norma.)
Note from Norma - New contract options January 1, 2014.
End of Life Option Act

Rain Gauge - This data is reported weekly by Bill Englander.
Recorded rainfall for the week ending 11-15-18 0.00" 
This year cumulative rainfall to date (rain year 7-1 to 6-30) 0.47"