Resident Musings


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NOTE:  All information on this page is "as received by 4/1/19."

Life in Pacific Grove:  Did you contribute to this volume of stories by residents?  The book is out and available at  Visit for details.  A number of our residents contributed stories and they have been gathered into a special Canterbury Woods section.

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  Calendar Cover Art by residents and staff - updated regularly so check back!
Skilled Nursing - A resident's personal story about the value of multiple levels of care i a continuing care community - Submitted by Raymond Neutra
Which One Were You? - A story about his time on the Navajo reservation by Raymond Richard Neutra
Raymond Neutra has published a book called Cheap and Thin: Neutra and Frank Lloyd Wright, which is available as a Kindle book on for $3.00.  Click here to check it out! 
Nature Note - On the electrical sensory system of sharks by David Powell
The Frog Pond of Pacific Grove by David Powell
The Hunt for the Elusive Mantis Shrimp:  Excerpt describing David Powell's hunt
The Egg Ranch by Bill Englander 
A Year in Paradise by Bill Englander 

Navy Blankets:  Shirley Devol and Jean Stallings 

Creatures by David C. Powell
Lula's Chocolates by Bill Englander
(Click here to see photos of the Canterbury tour of Lula's Chocolates.)
Octopus Wrestling Championship by David C. Powell
The Tacoma Narrows Bridge by David C. Powell
Growing Up in England - with No TV! (and Playing Conkers) by David C. Powell
The Olympic Flame's Magic by Bill Englander
It Happened in Bulgaria by Alice Englander
Things That Spit by Beth Storey, with photos provided by Dave Powell
  The Day I Was Blessed by Sherry Gumz