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Website News & Information

New on the Website

NEW PAGE FOR EXPLORING TECHNOLOGY WITH ALICE CLASSES:  There is a new link in the Exploring Technology section of Ongoing Events on the Activities page which will take you to the new Exploring Technology web page.  Slides, handouts and other information from the classes will be posted on this page.  Even if you were not able to attend a class, you may find useful technical information here!

THE LARGE PRINT LIBRARY IS ONLINE!  Information about the large print library is now available on the Need to Know page.  You can find a list of all the books in the library, separated by mystery, fiction and non-fiction.  Every so often as new books are added, the titles will be shown.  And watch for an occasional list of recommended books from library committee members!

ACCOLADES - See the new Accolades section below to see what people are saying about the website!

LINKS TO EACH TOPIC within the Information You Need to Know section have been added to the Need to Know page.

GRAY BOOK UPDATES - A revised printed copy of the Gray Book was distributed the week of May 15, 2017.  The website files have been updated to reflect the changes that have been made.

Canterbury's Administrative Staff and Resident Association have reorganized and updated the information.  The main change you may want to know about is that staff email addresses and phone numbers have been relocated from the Residents Directory (on the Residents and Staff page) to the Residents Handbook (on the Need to Know page). 

NEW!  New resident announcements (posters) can be helpful when you meet new people.  All posters for the past several years are now available on the website, in addition to the list "for the past year" that was available.  Please note that we moved this information to the secured area of the website because of the information contained in the posters.  You can obtain the logon name and password required to access this area from the front desk or email the webmaster.

NEW! - OUT AND ABOUT PAGE:  Share your photos and media clips of special experiences as you are out and about!


A big thank you to everyone who takes the time to send thanks and appreciation for the website ...

Thank you for the wonderfully informative program on Tuesday.  I really learned a lot as I always do when you explain things.  You do such a great job.  We are very fortunate to have you and Bill at Canterbury.

Great presentation, great refreshments and great incentive for a raffle.

Alice, I know I've told you before, but it definitely bears repeating -- the CW website is fantastic.  It's the most user-friendly I've ever used and  contains tons of useful information. I use it frequently while here, but it's especially helpful when I leave in the winter because it keeps me up to date on what's happening at Canterbury.    Thank you so much for all your hard work.

A great talk, as usual. You do a wonderful job on the website and also in explaining it. It’s much appreciated.

Enjoyed your presentation, Alice - I'll be checking out our website much more often.

Your program yesterday was great!  Good reminders of things I don't regularly use on our website. 

The web site is certainly a big asset to CW, especially for absentees like me, and I really appreciate your time and expertise.

Have I told you lately how wonderful the website is?  Never a week goes by when I fail to look up something.  The doctors' schedule is particularly valuable.  And thanks for including the Library list of recommended books.  THANKS again for your good work!!!  

We both hear from people regularly with their appreciation for the website and new ideas of things they would like to have access to. We are so lucky to have Alice, a resident capable and willing to host it for us.

... and thanks again for making our life here so much better through the support of the website.

 You do a ginormous job with the website and I am so very grateful.

 Love what you do with the website.

Thanks, Alice!!  Your job sure isn’t easy . . . so many things to think about! I (WE) sure appreciate your efforts!!!

Thank you so much for all the ways you make this website clear and enjoyable to visit!!!!

Thanks again for all your work on this—& on other things. I’ve heard from so very many folks here how helpful you are! And I know everyone is very appreciative of your willingness to share your knowledge! 

Website Guidelines for Submission

More and more of you are looking to our Resident Website for information, which makes it especially important that it contain as much information as possible and that the information be current.  Over 30 residents and staff members send in information to make this happen.  We thank all of you!

If you're in charge of an activity or event, always consider submitting a notice or write-up about your event.  If someone makes a poster for you, ask him or her to email a copy to Alice (  If you're aware of some special circumstance (like a power outage or special construction) or are responsible for the agendas and minutes for a Resident Association committee, be sure and email those to Alice.  Any information that would be useful to residents is appropriate and welcome.  

General guidelines for submissions:  

Email your submission to, usually as an attached file.  However if you don't have a separate file, you can simply include your information in the text of the email message.  If you can create a PDF file, that is the format that works best.  However all formats are accepted:  a Word or Publisher file, an image, a data file or typed or hand-written hard copy placed in Alice's lobby box.  Use what is easiest for you.  

There is no practical limit to the length of information and there's no deadline.  If you send in the information close to the date of the event/activity, we will try to get it online right away, but the sooner the better.  It can be sent well in advance, too.  

Send what you have when you have it, then send updates and details as they become available.  

If you are submitting photos, please try to send them in the following format:

.jpg format

less than 100K file size

250 pixels in height for horizontal photos, 250 pixels in width for vertical photos

If you do something on a regular basis and would like an emailed reminder to send it in for the website, that is easy to do.  For example, if your committee meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, we can send you an automatic reminder that morning that says something like "Remember to send the xxx committee meeting minutes to Alice for the website."  

Questions?  Contact Alice at


Canterbury Woods Brochure


Canterbury Woods currently offers a month-to-month, no-entry-fee contract.  Contact Marketing for details.

Residents who joined prior to 2014 have one of two types of contracts:  Life Care or Continuing Care.